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Organic Longevity Coffee Dark Roast

Organic Longevity Coffee Dark Roast

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Finally, REAL coffee that is organic AND mycotoxin-free! With low acidity, this coffee helps to deliver the unique health properties of the quality coffee bean without the drawbacks. Exceptionally smooth and balanced in flavor, this is sure to become your new favorite.

With an ORAC Score twice that of goji berries and four times that of wild blueberries, Longevity Coffee® is not only incredibly rich in antioxidants (48,896 ORAC) but it is also one of the most robust, delicious coffees you will ever taste!

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a unit of measurement used to determine the antioxidant activity of a food. Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that may help protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. So, the higher the ORAC score of a food, the better it is for you!

Longevity Coffee® beans boast a pH of 7.2.
This is incredibly unique because all other commercial coffee beans on the market today are in the acidic range of 4.0-6.0!

The human body is a naturally alkaline environment. When you consume an overly acidic diet, you throw off your body's healthy pH balance and make your body susceptible to illness.*

Our body's internal system needs a pH just above 7.0 for the enzymatic, immunological, and repair mechanisms to function at their best.* Most coffee beans are very acidic. But, Longevity Coffee beans have a pH value of 7.2, which is exactly where your body needs to be to function at its best!*

According to recent statistics, up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed per acre of conventional coffee. Some companies claim that the pesticides "burn off" during roasting. However, at Food for the Immortals® we believe that rather than cooking off, these toxins are probably cooked into the beans.

Would you eat a conventionally grown, genetically modified potato that was treated with dozens of dangerous chemicals just because someone told you they would magically disappear once you heated it up?

Neither would we.

Most people buy organic coffee because they don't want to ingest a product that has been sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals. What they don't know is that since organic coffee farmers do not use chemical sprays, the plants have no defense against mycotoxins like T-2 toxins, ochratoxins, vomitoxins, and rubratoxins.

Mycotoxins are a group of naturally-occurring chemicals produced by certain molds and can cause a variety of health concerns in humans.


1. You drink mycotoxin-free conventional coffee, that has been treated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and/or fungicides.

- - - OR - - -

2. You drink chemical-free organic coffee prone to mycotoxins and fungal by-products growing freely on the beans.


Longevity Coffee® is not only certified organic, but it tests free of all known mycotoxins and fungus by-products common to many popular coffee brands.

The key to Longevity Coffee®'s unique properties is sunlight. This is no ordinarysunlight, though. Our beans are bathed in a unique spectrum of light that not only makes the need for chemical additives unnecessary, but also kills off any dangerous mycotoxins, creating one of the most unique coffee products ever produced.

Longevity Coffee® plants are grown in volcanic, mineral-rich soil, fed with pure natural spring water, and nurtured in clean, high-altitude air. For every 100 pounds of coffee that is grown, we hand-pick a little more than half the crop (about 55%) to package into Longevity Coffee®.

Only the most robust and mineral-rich beans are selected! From the moment it's planted to the moment it's shipped to you Longevity Coffee® is only handled by experts within our company We ensure a "start-to-finish" control over every aspect of the coffee process.

Most coffee companies process their beans through third-party facilities, which can expose the coffee to unwanted environmental contaminants. Thanks to the addition of sunlight and the assurance of absolute quality control, Longevity Coffee® is perfect for anyone sensitive to conventional coffee products.


The greatest geniuses throughout history were avid coffee drinkers.

Steve Jobs drank coffee.

So did John Lennon, Francis Bacon, Jean-Paul Sartre, Gustav Mahler, Soren Kierkegaard, Proust, Glenn Gould, and Albert Einstein!

Legendary Musician Ludwig van Beethoven was so serious about his coffee that he only drank coffee that he himself made. He always counted 60 beans per cup...never a bean more, never a bean less.

The French philosopher Voltaire was known to drink 50 cups of coffee per day! He even paid his servants exorbitant amounts of money when they acquired his favorite beans.

The one comment we consistently get from our coffee drinkers is how focused and relaxed they become after drinking a single cup. They report none of the "edginess" they've grown accustomed to while drinking conventional coffee brands.

Longevity Coffee® possesses a pleasant caffeine lift without over-stimulating the nervous system.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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